These games were made mostly for game jams, where you have to make a game over a short period of time on a particular theme. I love game jams and think they're an amazing way to learn new skills and meet new people, I wrote a blog post about my love of game jams and even went to Sweden last year to take part in one

If you're looking to get into game design, I suggest downloading the free version of Construct 2 and taking part in a game jam or two. You'll be able to make something which doesn't have to be completely polished and get feedback from other jammers.

Indie Game Jams lists dozens of them that take place online and I publish a fortnightly list of upcoming jams that are a bit alternative and interesting.

Made for #ResistJam - March 2017

In a world forever changed by climate change, collect seeds from different biomes and restore plantlife to the earth

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Made for Ludum Dare 37, One Room - December 2016

Run Poco's food stand, and make all kinds of delicious festive treats while you upgrade your stall

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October 2016

Poco's about to throw her annual ghostie bash, but the house just doesn't have that scary fear vibe. Help light the pumpkins and find decorations to make it suitable for super spooky ghosts!

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Games for Better Jam - October 2016

Control Little Radish, a small creature who lives in the forest. Little Radish has to cast spells on the rot and decay currently destroying her home. But the more spells you cast, the harder it will become!

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Ludum Dare 36, Ancient Technology - August 2016

A little robot is tumbling along, minding its own business, when suddenly it falls through the ground and ends up in the ruins of a primitive civilisation. It must create a flying machine from the discarded ancient technologies to escape.

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Ludum Dare 35, Shapeshift - April 2016

The Puca is a mythical creature, a shapeshifter of Celtic Legend. In Cornwall it's called the Bucca and can take the form of a benevolent creature or a evil demon, so sailors would leave it an offering of fish to appease it.

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